Wedding 101: Planning our Big Day

June 2014 | Davao City, Philippines —

It was when I finally appreciated wedding photos and details, I started inquiring some suppliers their packages and inclusions. I also asked some friends on how to plan a wedding. It wasn’t that hard, I thought.

Deciding on the Theme

It wasn’t really my heart’s desire to plan our wedding to the smallest details until I started to browse some wedding blogs and online wedding magazines like Bride and Breakfast, The Knots etc. Then, I came across Paula Peralejo’s wedding. I was inspired to do a Filipiniana theme wedding for us too. Danny was in Korea at that time but we kept in touch thru Skype and Kakaotalk. He didn’t mind about it but after I showed him few photos from the internet weeks after weeks of what a Filipiniana wedding is, he started to protest. He couldn’t imagine what would his family and some of our foreign guests would have to say. One night, when we were chatting and while he was having dinner with his high school friends, he was told that it’s the bride’s duty to decide for the wedding theme, decors etc. So, he finally gave in to the Filipiniana theme. I considered this theme because I wanted to show my Korean family what a Filipiniana wedding is since they are already familiar with western wedding.

Choosing the Date

There were few wedding dates we’ve chosen: Jan 5, Jan 21 and Feb 14 and finally we came up with Jan 15. Although it’s not that memorable date for us for the past few years, we just like its numerical order. We aren’t that kind of couple who are neither meticulous nor superstitious with dates, really. My co-worker said to choose a 2-digit date. One of my sister’s friends said to get married on a full moon or a new moon. As for my mom who’s a devout Catholic, she would have to disagree a wedding day that falls on a Tuesday or Friday. Fortunately, our chosen date falls on a Thursday, a 2-digit and the new moon was on its way.

Picking the Right Suppliers

Coordination & Decors

It was November 2014, after we got the legal capacity, we finally booked a coordinator whom we thought would help us have a stress-free wedding planning. Her package costed about Php65,000 which included coordination, decors, videography, and  makeup artist for the entourage. I didn’t really know what to do next after the booking so I just kept updating her of my preferences for the decors but all she could say was she’s busy, she’s having a family time or she has a seminar. December came, we didn’t hear any updates from her. All my messages were seenzoned. So, Danny and I were furious of how she handled us as clients. I was really stressed out and so we finally decided to cancel our booking. She then explained many things about why she was not updating, (excuses, perhaps?)  and how she was so hurt for the cancellation and all. She even called me a fickle-minded person (Ouch! That hurt.) when in fact, I constantly gave her pictures of a rustic-inspired Filipiniana theme but, she insisted for another theme which is a colorful type. We stood firm to our decision. We immediately booked another coordinator – Mr. Glenn Estipona of Events Library, good thing was he still accommodated us even though it was already 2 weeks before the wedding. He didn’t even have a hard time booking with our needed suppliers. The next day, he gave me a timeline and a checklist, and we even had a cake tasting, which never happened with the previous coordinator. We finalized everything in just 5 meetings – now that’s a pro. Some of the decors at our reception:

© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga
© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga
© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga
© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga


I had 2 choices for our official photographer. Both of them have a contemporary style photography. But, there was a big price gap. When Danny and I decided to hire the lesser expensive team, the date was already taken so it left us to hire the other team – Orange Studio. It was a bit of investment but we know it’s definitely worth it. Photographs are forever.

Wedding Gown

We went to 8 dress shops to look for the perfect wedding gown. We were about to rent. The shop infront of Central High School and David and Rachel Couture were in my top list. Instead we found K Davao owned by Mr. Erwin Tan, whom I met a couple years ago at my former working place. Thankfully, he offered us a big discount.


We also met designer Mr. Laurencio Marco Jr of Renaissance. He gave us a free on-the-spot design of a Filipiniana gown. His made-to-order wedding gowns start at Php40,000. But, since we were on a tight budget, we decided to buy a ready-to-wear wedding gown from Mr. Erwin Tan of K Davao instead. Any of their RTW wedding gown comes with 2 veils, 1 cord, 1 garter and 2 pillows for the rings and coins. This is my gown by the way:

© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga
© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga

Isn’t it pretty?

© Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga

Our ring vessel made by Lai. Please do check her site.

Thank goodness other suppliers also didn’t give us a hard time at all!

Need help finding the right suppliers? Feel free to send me a message or write them in the comment section below. I’d be glad to help you out. 🙂

That’s it for the wedding planning! I will be writing about the lessons I learned from our wedding soon. ‘Til my next post.

Wedding photos by: Orange Studio

4 thoughts on “Wedding 101: Planning our Big Day

  1. Hi, may i ask how much was the rate for orange studio? I’m a bit shy to ask them directly since im not getting married yet. But definitely orange studio is a dream team for wedding photography for me.


    1. Hello Hope. They have 3 or 4 kinds of packages. I’m not sure how much they charge nowadays since I inquired 2 years ago. hehe But, it’s really ok to ask them even if you’re not getting married yet. They are very accommodating. 🙂


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