What to Eat and See in Mati

Davao Oriental —

The First Millennium sunrise happened in Mati. It was 3 minutes earlier than all other areas in the Philippines. Mati is the Easternmost part of the country and about a 3 to 4-hour drive from Davao City. Their means of public transportation around the town are pedicab (tricycle) and habal-habal (backride motorcycles).

March 13, 2015

My family, relatives and I were invited to attend a very special mass held at Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus (Carmelite Monastery) in Mati last Saturday. Since traveling can take too much of our time, we decide to go a day earlier. We started our journey at 8:30am from Victoria Plaza to meet up with my aunt’s classmates. They offered to give us a tour around Mati for the extra half day. It was our first time – except for my aunt and her classmates, to set foot in town and Dahican. We just used to come visit the church for a daytrip.


1st stop at 10:40am – Magnaga Waters Beach Resort



2nd stop at 11:50am – View deck of the famous sleeping dinosaur

Have you ever watched ‘The Land Before Time’? Whenever I watched it with my sisters when we were young, we would always end up crying.


3rd stop at 12nn: Lunch at Ciangi

Ciangi is located near Mati’s bay walk. We had a variety of Filipino dish for lunch. Their specialty is bakareta – instead of the usual goat meat, they use beef; native coffee and tablea cake. Sorry no photos. It felt awkward snapping photos of the food in front of old folks whom I’ve met for the first time.


Tip: Grab some yummy cheesy empanada (Spanish pie) at Seaside Restaurant. Its shell is thin and soft unlike others that I’ve tasted. A box of 15 costs Php160 only. Be sure to order in advance, too!



4th stop at 1:30pm – La Ne’s Katulganan


A walking distance from Ciangi is where we stayed for the night.

This deluxe room is good for 2-4 persons with free breakfast for 2.

5th stop at 5:00pm – Dahican

Dahican is known for its different hues of blue sea water and fine white sand. The coastline stretches about 8 kilometers facing the Pacific Ocean. Technically, it’s longer than Boracay which is only 7km. (Source) It is also recognized for surfing and skim boarding.

P1070363 P1070396


In awe of God’s beautiful creation.

6th stop at 6:00pm – Subangan Museum


They named their 2-storey museum Subangan, which means “Sunrise of the East” in the Visayan dialect. It’s modern, fully air-conditioned and bigger than the museum in Davao. It’s open from Mondays to Sundays at 9:00am to 7:00pm.


The first thing that welcomed us is a huge 50-something foot long skeleton of a sperm whale named Davor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you any details ‘cause nobody was around to tell us about it. I did some research, though and you may click here for the story.


So, we toured around on our own.

TV screens are everywhere even on the floor.

Trip to museums are boring. But this text caught my attention.


Last stop for the day – Dinner at Roll ‘n Roast


Again, we had Filipino dish. I’m not sure if I could see any other cuisine in Mati.


We had so much food on the table – native chicken BBQ, lechon, grilled fish, etc.

March 14, 2015

Next day came, the day we all had been waiting for. I woke up at 6:00am, took shower and had breakfast.


I only had a bite of this fatty longganisa. Good thing there were lots of leftovers from last night’s dinner.

We left the inn at 8:30am. The church is only about 15 minutes away. When we arrived, we did some preparation before the 10:00am special mass started.

Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus (Carmelite Monastery)



Hanging bridge going to the prayer garden.

After lunch, we went back to the inn and prepared our things for check out. We departed at 3:00pm. I had some short naps for the entire trip. It was 5:30pm when we were almost in Davao then, mom suddenly blurted out that the sun was dancing. I couldn’t understand how it was dancing. So, she explained that it was like a big manna (the symbol of the body of Christ for communion), showing colors of the rainbow as its halo. Then, I started to see how she was describing it. I was looking directly at the sun without pain to my eyes. It was a reminder of God’s blessings, for He has protected us all throughout our trip. Terrorism in Mindanao are all over the news. But God took care of us. He will never leave us or forsake us. Indeed, it was blessed day for us all.

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