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The 9 Best Dessert Shops in Davao City

They say, if you spell stressed backwards, it becomes desserts. Now it makes sense why people tend to indulge themselves over desserts when they get stressed. These are my recommended dessert shops in Davao in no particular order that nobody shouldn’t miss.

Note: These are based on my own honest opinion and personal experiences only.

1. Lachi’s

Lachi’s has been operating for several years now, still located at the same humble place in Marfori for nearly a decade or more I supposed. It’s not only renowned for their delectable desserts but also for some rice meals. Be sure to book a reservation before dining here.

Best sellers: unforgettable pork ribs, sans rival, new york blueberry cheesecake

New York Blueberry Cheesecake
Sans Rival

Address: Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights Subdivision

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 11:00 am – 8:00 pm


2. Aling Foping’s

Grabbing a cup of halo-halo is always a good idea if you are in the Philippines. Halo halo is a mixture of fruits, beans, gelatin, taro, evaporated milk, shaved ice and ice cream. In Aling Foping’s, you may choose as many ingredients as you want. It’s also known for its very fine shaved ice.

IMG_0650 IMG_6018

Address: Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 1:00 pm – 12:00 am; Sun 3:00 pm – 12:00 am


3. Taste of Home

The first food and gallery shop in Davao that has been opened for more than 10 years now. Upon entering, you will notice some canvas paintings on the wall which were created by the proprietor’s son. As for the food, the name speaks for itself. They serve tasty pastas and not too sweet desserts with a touch of home.

Best sellers: lasagna, blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake

Address: Door #12 Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway


4. Osvaldo’s

At the center of this unique shop lies a big kitchen table where they make the cake or where the customers could dine. They also bake customized cake for birthdays, weddings or any occasion. Osvaldo’s cakes might cost higher than average cakes in Davao considering they use high quality ingredients, but it’s all worth it. Two persons can feast on a slice, too.

Blue Cheese, Fig & Walnut Cheesecake
Oreo Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake
My first godson’s customized baptismal cake by Osvaldo’s.

Address: Door 2, Casa Panolee Building, Loyola St, Obrero

Contact Number: 0932-428-4070

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 9:30 am – 7:00 pm


5. Sugar Munch

If you are thinking of yummy cakes to gift someone, visit Sugar Munch. They also have mini versions for each flavor.

Best sellers: Dark Choco Moist

Blueberry Cheesecake


Address: Lower Ground Floor Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue

Operating Hours: Daily 10:00 am – 9:00 pm


6. Tiny Kitchen

It used to be literally tiny kitchen before year 2012. They are known for their delish Spanish dishes and mouthwatering cakes.

Best sellers: paella and frozen brazo

Frozen Brazo
Oreo Cheesecake

Address: F. Torres Street

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 9:30 am – 8:00 pm


7. Sea Green Lifestyle and Cafe

If you are resisting to anything sweet but love desserts especially cheesecake, Seagreen is the answer. I love how the name jibes to this rustic-theme cafe. They serve healthy and far less sweet desserts but on some occasion, they have a featured dessert of the day.

Tablea Cheesecake and Lemon Cheesecake
Molten Choco Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Address: Circumferential Rd., Marfori Heights

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 8:00 am – 10:00 pm; Sun 8:00 am – 9:00 pm


8. Mix N’ Magic

If you’re fed up with the commercialized cake brands for birthdays, anniversaries or any parties, try some luscious cakes at Mix n’ Magic. Gaisano branch doesn’t serve slices, though. They also sell classic sylvanas or with flavors (chocolate, red velvet, and coffee) for a reasonable price.


Mocha Sylvanas – Php 100 (4pcs)

Address: Lower Ground Floor Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue

Operating Hours: Daily 10:00 am – 9:00 pm


9. Bistro Rosario

A real Dabaweño has bought a cake from Bistro at least once in his life. It is the most famous Davao-grown bakeshop in the entire city. We always had our birthday cakes made from Bistro as we were growing up. Although their cakes may seem very simple, but every bite is absolutely heavenly.

Recommendation: Mango Charlotte

Blueberry Cake

Address: F. Torres Street

For more cafes, dessert shops and restaurants in Davao such as Confex and Co. Bakeshop, Cuppycakes, Carmela’s, etc. please read my latest post Davao Food Adventures 2016. Thank you!


Bonus! You may also wanna try these:

Missy Bonbon Gelato

Originated in Cagayan de Oro City, they serve a wide array of choices of bread, pastry and ice cream. I was glad when I heard they are opening in Davao. I was longing to try their artisan ice cream (Php65-110 per cup). But when I was about to pay for my pistachio ice cream, I just took a deep breath and kept my eyes shut. It was more expensive than Magnum! It was creamy and more pistachio taste than others that I’ve tasted, though.



Address: Lower Ground Floor Gaisano Mall of Davao, J.P. Laurel Avenue

Operating Hours: Daily 10:00 am – 9:00 pm


Cecil’s Choco Moist Cake and Eclairs

True to its name, this appetizing cake from Cecil’s is indeed moist and chocolatey. It’s not sweet plus it’s very affordable (Php60/slice). Cecil’s is also famous for its pancit luglug and puto’t dinuguan.


Address: 198 F. Iñigo Street (former Anda Street)


Davao Dairy Best Milk / Milk Bar

You can buy these at any supermarkets.


Margie’s Cookie Monster Cake

You may purchase a slice or the whole cake at their main store in Torres or at Batu Cafe.


I used to be a certified sweet tooth. I could eat a 100g of Toblerone in one seating but after knowing that diabetes runs in the family, I ought to control myself to have sweets in moderation and to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Do we have the same thoughts? Share them in the comments below. 🙂

21 thoughts on “The 9 Best Dessert Shops in Davao City

  1. After seeing your post I shouted “Sans Rival!”
    Davao is on my list for my next destination, I actually have some friends from my current work that are now staying in Davao.
    really really love this post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I bet your friends are already quite familiar with the places on this list, aren’t they? hehe Hope you’ll enjoy your Davao trip. 🙂


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