Wedding 101: Lessons Learned

You don’t get to have multiple weddings in the Philippines unless you renew your vows on your 25th or 50th anniversary. How we wish we had known some of these things when we were planning our wedding.


1. Make a checklist.

Photo from the internet

 2. Be budget wise and splurge only on the most important things especially if it’s not your hard-earned money unless your money doesn’t run out and you don’t worry much about the expenses. Anyway, we invested for:

  • photography – a souvenir that’s worth keeping
  • makeup –  to look good in the photos
  • wedding gown – planning to wear it again for our wedding in Korea, and
  • reception – for the convenience of our guests

3. Do research and don’t rely on one source. Read other people’s reviews of the suppliers. Better to have knowledge of other people’s experiences than experience it firsthand. This way, you’ll avoid cancellation because of dissatisfaction.

4. If it’s unaffordable, look for options friendly to your budget. The result will be much better.

5. Just because that supplier is somebody your friend knows doesn’t mean he/she will give you the best service he/she could offer.

6. Listen to your parents’ advice/s. They love you and will always support you.

7. Go to bridal fairs. Suppliers usually give discounted packages for on-the-spot bookings.

8. Enjoy the food tasting. That’s the only time you can eat well your caterer’s meal. Unless you bring home some leftovers.

9. Send out those invitations or save the date at least 3 months prior to your wedding day. You might not know, your friend or cousin from the other side of the world could attend your big day.

10. Have a backup of everything (photocopies of legal documents, digital files, videos, etc). Danny was up to something with the PC 5 days before the wedding and it was not starting up. We panicked because I haven’t yet copied the video I made to my USB. Good thing we got it fixed as soon as possible.

10. Filipinos DO NOT understand RSVP (répondez, s’il vous plaî). Even using simple terms like “please respond”, 80-90 percent still just don’t get it. As to some, they’ll tell you they are going but eventually they would never show up on the big day.

12. Choose your guests wisely. Let’s say your guest list is less than 150 people. Avail the reception’s minimum guest package (usually 100 persons) then just pay for the excess heads later after the event. You can really save some of that hard-earned money on this. Here’s a guide I got from the internet:

13. Don’t invite the people whom you’ve hung out with like what, once or twice? Chances are, both parties will end up in an unresolved issue for who knows how. You’ll only regret that you sent that wedding invitation.

14. Do not stress yourself out planning. Take good care of yourself. Don’t do dangerous and strenuous activities before the wedding. It’s still good to get some sleep every night, exercise while you can and stay hydrated. Remember it’s your big day, not a Halloween party.

During the wedding

1. Write down the things you want to be reminded of.
  • Ask your photographer to take a family photo of BOTH parties in church – A huge mistake I made was I didn’t double check the list. ugh!
  • Have photos with your suppliers. They played a big part at your wedding.

2. No wedding is perfect but you can say that you had a blast by overcoming that anxiousness and putting yourself together. Enjoy that special day with your partner, families, friends and all your guests.


One more important lesson: People will always gonna talk. From the moment you announce your engagement down to your chosen suppliers, they will always find something to talk about. Some are positive but others are not. You may listen to them but don’t get affected, after all, whose wedding is it anyway?

Regardless of those 2, tough months time planning and it lasted for a day, 16 hours to be exact, our wedding was a blessed and special day Danny and I will never forget. We celebrated the first day of our life together with our loved ones from near and far, while the Philippines also celebrated the visit of Pope Francis. Marriage, on the other hand, is being spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally ready. The most crucial part is to wait on God’s time before entering marriage because it is a promise to Him a husband and wife MUST keep forever. ♥

7 thoughts on “Wedding 101: Lessons Learned

  1. a nice and helpful writeup 🙂 and may I add, don’t forget to do a trial makeup with your HMUA so it’d be easier for both of the parties to achieve the perfect look 🙂 another tip is to NEVER get a supplier who’s your friend because chances are, you are putting your friendship on the line. it’s hard for you to criticize them (objectively and subjectively) because they are too “emotional”. Best to take professional suppliers so that you can “demand” the service that you are entitled 🙂


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