Cebu Taoist Temple

8 Apr 2015 | Cebu City, Philippines

We’ve finally been to Beverly Hills! just not in California. lol The famous Philippine Taoist temple is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision, away from the bustling city of Cebu. Danny and I wanted to be spontaneous on our 3rd day in Cebu so, we decided to visit this one of the tourist spots. From our hotel, we managed to grab a cab and about 20 minutes we reach our destination. We paid Php 100 for the ride.

TIP: Since the temple is situated inside the subdivision and if you hate walking, it is advisable to ask the cab driver to wait for you.

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Upon arrival, flight of stairs (with 81 steps, I presume) welcomed us. It sure was a good exercise before reaching the top.

2 3

There is no entrance fee but certain rules must be applied like no picture talking in some areas of the temple. We spotted a big, medium and small sizes altars.

4 5

We also found a wishing well, a replica of the Great Wall of China and a souvenir shop. The shop sells lucky charms, golden figurines, etc. typical stuff that can be found at a local Chinese shop.



A panoramic view of Cebu city could also be seen at the highest spot of the temple or by using a telescope that cost Php5.


How many dragons do you see?


We didn’t stay long enough ’cause there was nothing else to see and do and we should catch our flight back home. Since we didn’t let our cab driver wait for us, we had a long walk out of there. Thankfully, a vacant taxi was waiting outside the subdivision.



Photo from Google Maps

Address: Beverly Hills, Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Have you been to this place? Share your experience in the comments below.

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