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The Big House: A Heritage Home

25 Apr 2015 | Davao City, Philippines —

I have been passing in Juna Avenue countless times before but only just recently I discovered this spot through an FB friend’s post. It’s an ancestral house that has been converted to a bed and breakfast with restaurant.

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One Saturday afternoon, Danny and I decided to have our lunch at this place as celebration for our 100th day as a married couple. Upon entering, there were no guard or staff but few workers who were doing some painting jobs. We proceeded inside the non-airconditioned house. A middle-aged woman who was sitting comfortably on the couch, stood up, gave us a warm welcome and assisted us to our table. She suggested we dine at the biggest table, good for 8 people, at the center of the dining hall. But we chose the table for 2 on a corner where there are lots of photographs hanging on the wall and a big bookshelf full of encyclopedias on its side.

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On the other corner lies a piano and more photographs on the wall. A white board can also be seen on the farther side for small meetings or conferences. She, then, asked few questions like, “Is Danny a Korean?”, “How you knew about this place?” etc. and gave us the menu. They offer Spanish-Filipino food with choices of:

  • appetizers such as gambas, kinilaw, salpicao — Php160 to Php210
  • salads — Php120
  • vegetables dishes — Php110 to Php170
  • breakfast meals — Php80 to Php150
  • all day main courses — Php160 to Php250

They also have few selections of fresh fruit shakes and desserts. We were told that most Koreans who have visited here usually ordered smoked bangus for breakfast.

Being first-timers, we opted for their bestsellers which include seafood paella and Hungarian goulash. Danny almost forgot what paella is and I wasn’t familiar with Hungarian goulash but she explained them to us very well and showed us pictures of them. Goulash, as defined by Wikipedia, is a stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices.

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While waiting for our orders, I managed to take some photos outside. The place is huge! On the second floor are few rooms and rates per night varies on the room size ranging Php1,500-2,000. They can also accommodate exclusive parties for all occasions.

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After about 15 minutes or so, our orders were served. They also served free kimchi for side dish. We enjoyed both dishes and they were enough to satisfy our grumbling tummies.

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FREE kimchi
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Seafood Paella — Php230
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Hungarian Goulash — Php190
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Simut Sarap!

Honestly speaking, I would discourage this place to people with huge appetite but I do recommend it to the romantics and to those who prefer intimate and private spaces.

Note: This is not a sponsored post but based on my honest opinion and personal experience only.


Photo from Google Maps (click to enlarge)
Address: 12 Juna Avenue, Matina Subdivision, Davao City

Facebook Page:

Contact Numbers: (082) 285-7665 / +63917-500-0543 / +639925-882-4601


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