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Pearl Korean Meatshop and Restaurant

28 Apr 2015 | Cebu City, Philippines —

We already spotted this Korean barbeque house right after we had our lunch the first time Danny and I had been to Cebu. But since it opens at 1pm daily, we vowed to try the next time we visit the metro.

Gratefully, we had a comeback on the last week of April and headed straight to this restaurant after checking-in at a nearby hotel.


The place is open-air that can accommodate about 30-40 people, and they are still planning to open a second floor. Each table has its own flat grilling pan with a hole in the middle for draining oil.


We ordered a bowl of bibimbap and 벌집 삼겹살 (beoljip / bee-hive) samgyeopsal. Having samgyeopsal at lunchtime isn’t common in Korean dining culture, but since we were there already, we ordered anyway. We were given only a small bowl of spicy kimchi and a medium bowl of fresh lettuce salad mixed with a bit of chili paste for side dish.



Surprisingly, they served the raw meat without garlic or onion on the sides.

벌집 삼겹살 (beoljip samgyeopsal / bee-hive pork belly) — Php180


After 15 minutes of unaided grilling, the bibimbap arrived. It made me not wanting to eat it ’cause every strip of vegetable looked soaked with oil and the taste wasn’t that good, either.

Bibimbap — Php200

We might try grilling beef the next time we visit this place.

Note: This is based on our honest opinion and personal experience only.

Address: The Strip in Osmeña Boulevard, Capitol Site, Cebu City

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