Sampaguita Suites JRG

28 Apr 2015 | Cebu City, Philippines —

Of all budget hotels I’ve ever been to, Sampaguita Suites in Fuente, Cebu was the worst one. The price should be cheaper than what they offer and the pictures in the webpage can be very deceiving, I tell you.

© Sampaguita Suites website

I booked online thru their website and it asked for an additional 10% of the total payment, which I found frustrating. However, when we arrived at around 11:00am to check in, the front desk wasn’t aware of our reservation. They took some time to search for it, and didn’t even allow us to have an early check-in. We thought it was a good hotel because there were many foreigners coming in and out with happy faces. (It was a different kind of satisfaction, perhaps?)

When we came back at 2:00pm, I overheard the front desk and the room cleaner talking in Cebuano. They must have thought I’m a foreigner, too. The room staff said to the front desk that the room they were giving us has a faulty bathroom drainage system. But, the front desk insisted to the room staff to do something about it so, he sprayed some disinfectant.


When we checked the room, Danny didn’t like it because the window is facing a concrete wall of another building that’s just few centimeters away. No sunlight can come in the room. So, he demanded the front desk to transfer us to another room but, they refused. We suggested to give a refund but, they also refused so, it left them to transfer us to another room with a good ventilation.



Relieved to get a sunlit room, it still felt uncomfortable and the bedding looked so rugged. I asked for a new towel cause they gave us this


but the staff seemed not to care. (deep sigh!) That was our experience with Sampaguita Suites JRG in Fuente but, it may vary to other clients. I hope you find this helpful.


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