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Hole in the Wall

5 May 2015 | Makati City, Philippines —


On our 5th day in Manila, I had finally convinced Danny to go with me to Century City Mall. Tagging along with us is his nephew who is living in Manila for quite some time already but have never been there. It was almost 1pm when we reached the mall. Both of them were far more interested in eating than seeing the place. I would have to describe it as a “400-seater sosyal food hall with 11 stalls”.

IMG_9615 copy

IMG_9616 copy



IMG_9617 copy

I love everything about the interior of this food court and the concept of each stall is uniquely designed. We first looked around to consider what may seem appetizing for our grumbling stomachs.

There are many dishes to choose from – noodles, shawarma, Filipino food, umami fried chicken, burgers, Chinese food, DIY cookies, Japanese cheesecakes, eclairs, salads, cold-pressed juices and craft beers. But service charge shall be added to the total purchase upon payment. After ordering, each stall provides a vibrating pager, it’s a wireless call system that vibrates when the order is ready for pick up at the counter.


I stumbled upon Mister Delicious and ordered their Mister Delicious bacon, tomato, lettuce (BTL) with a bunch of thin and crispy taro chips on the side. Thick, crunchy and juicy bacon slices with mayonnaise, fresh lettuce and tomato between each pair of semi-toasted bread. In a huge serving, that stuff is worth the price! It’s good for 2 persons with a small appetite like me. Surprisingly, I finished 3/4 of the sandwich.


Danny had noodles at Pho Bo Bo. It comes with lots of bean sprouts and green leaves on the side for optional inclusion. I got to taste the soup and I think the flavor is just too strong.



While our nephew had Bad Bird’s Japanese-style umami fried chicken that includes fried rice with bacon, chicken liver and kimchi for side dish. By the look of it, the serving is in generous amount and he liked it.


Lastly, even though I was full, I still made a room for dessert. I wanted to try Green Cheese’s matcha lava cake but for me, the price of Php260 is just too expensive for that small piece of cake. So, I opted for their matcha mousse with the price tag just right. It was good, not too sweet or bitter.

Is this place worth a visit? Yes!

Will I come back? Definitely! If given the chance, though.

Note: This is based on our honest opinion and personal experience only.


© Google Maps (click to enlarge)
© Google Maps (click to enlarge)

Address: 4th Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca, Makati City

Operating Hours: Daily 11:00am — 10:00pm

Telephone Number: (02) 801 1230; (02) 801 1231

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