Manila Ocean Park

4 May 2015 | Luneta, Manila, Philippines —

Manila Ocean Park is like a miniature version of the ocean park in Hong Kong. Although, they lack the fun, exciting and breath-taking rides, people seem to enjoy their visit with their families and loved ones. Today, I’m gonna share to you our little adventure at the park last May 4, 2015.


First off, we bought our preferred package at the ticket booth. There are 4 selection to choose from and price ranges from Php 580-990 (US$ 13-22) per head.

The first zone we’ve been to was the oceanarium. We caught sight of many sorts of fish and that included Nemo and Dorie. I’m sure everyone calls them that instead of clown fish and blue tang.

Dorie!.. Doriesss?


Second zone is called back of the house. If I’m not mistaken, they make use of the Pasig river’s water and turn them to habitable water for the fishes.

Then, we went to see the jellyfishes after a short and quick visit at the back of the house. It was peaceful inside and the tune of Canon in D (my bridal march song) was playing in the background. Sad to say, we spotted few dead jellies in 3 aquariums.





Next stop was a close encounter with sharks and stingrays. We got a chance to touch the stingray on its upper middle part. It was rough like a cat’s tongue. Touching the shark wasn’t offered and I wouldn’t dare to touch it, either.

The last stop we’ve been at 3pm was the sea lion show. Two female sea lions did a very entertaining performance for 10 minutes. They danced, swam, played with ball, and even kissed a lucky audience.

IMG_9317 copy

A night show at 6pm was also included in our package but we were too exhausted to wait for that long and we might reach home very late if ever we’ll be caught in rush hour.

So, our tour at the Manila Ocean Park ended there. I hope you had fun reading!


© Google Maps (click to enlarge)
© Google Maps (click to enlarge)

Address: behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila, Philippines 1000


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