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Tonkatsu Club

11 June 2015 | Yangju, South Korea —

It was already around 2:30 in the afternoon when Danny and I decided to have our lunch at the main branch of 돈까스클럽 (Tonkatsu Club). But when we entered, there were still a number of people having meals, probably because the menu isn’t limited. They offer choices of pizza, pasta, steak, chicken dishes, gelato and coffee. They not only serve a fusion of Tonkatsu-Italian cuisine but an ambiance to complete the experience. 

PSX_20150702_095801 PSX_20150624_105911

PSX_20150624_110300 PSX_20150624_110111

Because of the name Tonkatsu Club, I opted for a cheesy tonkatsu while Danny had a plain katsu and udon. Radish kimchi for our common side dish, which goes along with all the main course.

BEST: Pork Cutlet + Udon Noodles Set — ₩9,500
BEST: Cheese Tonkatsu — ₩9,000


The cheesy tonkatsu was tasty, crispy on the outside, so cheesy and not salty on the inside. But, the portion is too generous that made our stomach so bloated, and unfortunately, we didn’t finish it.


BEST: Rib Eye Steak in Basil Cream Sauce — ₩18,000
Shanghai Tonkatsu — ₩8,500
BEST: Gorgonzola Pizza (cream sauce, gordonzola and mozzarella cheese) — ₩14,000
Cajun Chicken Salad — ₩9,500


But surely, we’ll be coming back for more.

By the way, this is the filming location of KBS’ 다 잘될거야 (All is Well) drama starring Choi Yoon Young, Gwak Si Yang, Eom Hyeon Gyeong and Song Jae Hee.

Price range:

  • Pizza — ₩14,000-16,000 (US $12-14)
  • Tonkatsu — ₩8,500-9,000 (US $7)
  • Steak — ₩15,000-19,000 (with 50% off) (US $13-16)



Address: 406-2 Mansongdong, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Operating Days: Tuesdays to Sundays



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