Food and Drinks

Solemio Italian Restaurant

17 June 2015 | Yangju, South Korea —

Ever since we’ve arrived in Korea, deciding on what food to eat (or cook) has always been a struggle. One fine day, I randomly chose pasta for lunch. So, we headed to 솔레미오 (Solemio), an Italian food chain with over 100 branches in Korea which Danny read in a blog that they serve delish pasta. Although it was lunch time when we arrived, the place wasn’t filled with hungry diners.

Located at the 2nd floor of this building

Pink and neon green are the dominant colors of the interior walls of the restaurant.


Our order is a “couple” set that consists of a basket of garlic bread, chicken salad, risotto, carbonara and 2 glasses of lemonade for a discounted price of KRW28,000 (US$26).

FREE side dish

PSX_20150627_214743 PSX_20150627_215806 PSX_20150627_220044 PSX_20150627_221836


Despite the fact that we were starving when we came in, the food didn’t make a great impression. But, they came in huge portions and we ended up not finishing everything.


Address: 654-4 Gabo Plaza, Gwangsadong, Yangju City, Gyeonggi Province



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