Wedding 101: Planning Our Wedding in Korea

27 June 2015 | Seoul, South Korea —


This not-so familiar environment always surprises me. We happen to visit a bridal fair in downtown Seoul. For I know, a bridal fair back home showcases different packages, sample decors and dresses etc. and suppliers provide flyers for such discounted packages.

When we arrived at the entry point of the event, they asked us to fill up a form and check whatever we need for the wedding. Then, we were escorted inside filled with chairs and tables seated by planners meeting clients.

We were assigned to meet the “highest ranking” planner (meaning: she has good convincing powers) and we talked about the items we needed most in our wedding. She showed us pictures of sample makeups, bouquets and wedding albums while asking our preferences without our knowledge that she was already computing the prices for what we thought were pretty, not exactly our choices though.

After she gave us quotation for the package, she demanded for a decision right away, else the deal is off. We were allowed to call on the spot whoever we think can compare the package. (I felt like we were players of who wants to be a millionaire game!) We called up sister-in-law who, then thought that the package was far more expensive than the average. The planner, then bargained that we pay KRW 100,000 (about P4,000) and gave us 2 weeks to decide.

Almost 2 hours of conversation later, we said no. But, we were told that it wasn’t the end of the meeting, we had to meet other planners for specific tasks such as food and clothes. We refused to do so ’cause we didn’t have lunch yet and we had enough. In the end, Danny and I just got ourselves more confused on to how to do a wedding in Korea.

Have you experienced planning your wedding in Korea? Tell me about it.



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