Korean Class at the Multicultural Center

Seoul, South Korea — Multicultural center in Korea offers many free services including marriage counseling, training support for employment and teaching the Korean language to foreign spouses and children.

Danny sent me off a bit early on my first day of Korean lessons at a multicultural center in our area. Upon arriving at the assigned floor of the building, we were surprised to see a dark and empty floor. An ajussi (middle-aged man) who were with us in the elevator told us that Saturdays are holidays and asked us not to stay there. So, we went back to ground floor without knowing we crossed paths some fellow classmates and even the teacher at the elevator when we reached the first level. We, then called up the teacher through her mobile phone and we guessed it right! Thus, we went to 6th floor again.

While I was seated waiting for the class time, the Korean teacher approached me and asked me to read some Korean text on the book. I was nervous ’cause I never ever had a proper Korean class. But, a bit high-spirited since Danny was by my side. It was probably the teacher’s actual way to test my knowledge even though I took a level exam few days ago.

Here’s a little background about myself, I learned the Korean alphabet way before Danny and I were dating with the help of the internet. It was difficult to study alone that I almost gave up and then, I was given an opportunity to work with a Korean doctor who doesn’t know English at all. Danny knew about it and offered to teach me his mother tongue for free. I learned lots of Korean medical terms, though.

Back to my class, all are females from various Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and China. I was seated with fellow Pinays as per the teacher’s request. We are only 4 Filipinos in the class, 2 Chinese and the majority is Vietnamese.

The free class is scheduled depends on the student’s Korean proficiency. It comprises of listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. A textbook and a workbook are also given for free.

For more information, please contact your local multicultural center. Thank you for reading!


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