Night Parade at Lotte World

14 Aug 2015 | Seoul, South Korea —


Lotte Co., Ltd. is one of the nation’s biggest business conglomerates. They are internationally renowned for its food products, hotels and shopping malls. In addition, they opened Lotte World in 1989, which holds a Guinness world record as the largest indoor amusement park.



Pororo the Little Penguin (뽀로로) is a South Korean computer-generated animated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, Ocon and EBS with the North Korean company Samchŏlli in Kaesŏng. ©Wikipedia
Eating steak with Pororo

After Danny’s work, we agreed to meet up at his workplace because he wanted to show me something. Unknowningly, he drove us to Lotte World to watch the night parade. It’s not that I don’t like surprises, don’t get me wrong I really do. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera and visiting Lotte World is a luxury. Although, they offer discounts after 5 in the afternoon and 7 in the evening. So, I had to endure once again my phone camera’s photo resolution.

The night parade starts at 8:30pm and while waiting for it, we strolled around the indoor amusement park.

ice rink
Lotte castle


wax museum
yummy headbands
center stage

By 8pm, we decided to wait at the center stage to get the front row. But, when we got there, people were already waiting and many were seated on the floor and we got some available space on the floor behind two baby strollers.

IMG_0311 IMG_0325 IMG_0310 IMG_0297 IMG_0304

They wore colorful costumes with plenty of props attached and rode on creative automobiles. Well, I can’t help but noticed that most of the performers were Caucasians. At the end part of the show, there was a short and mini fireworks display. Too bad, my camera didn’t get it. The parade lasted for about 20 minutes. I think Lotte characters are too childish nevertheless, everyone still enjoyed the program including us.


Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Operating Hours: Daily 9:30 – 23:00

Entrance Fee:

  • Adult: ₩17,000 to 48,000
  • Teen: ₩15,000 to 42,000
  • Child: ₩13,000 to 38,000
  • Infant: ₩12,000


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