Seoul Iris Garden

Seoul, South Korea —

Nature is probably one of the easier subjects to photograph. So, I decided one Saturday afternoon in August to stroll around 서울창포원 (Seoul Iris Garden) on my own and getting there is super duper easy, too. I took the subway line 7 and got off at Dobongsan station, which has 2 exits only. At the exit gate, there are signs written in both English and Korean and across is the station’s entrance. There is no chance of getting lost unless one can’t read both languages maybe. The park is very near and quite visible from the station’s exit area.




Upon reaching the place, people were enjoying their companies and relaxing under the shades of the trees. Such a good place for picnic, too.




Hibiscus (무궁화) – national flower of Korea

While I was walking around under the scorching autumn heat, I was in full anticipation to see an iris flower for I haven’t seen one yet. Unfortunately, every iris flower in the park has withered already and I’m not sure when I’ll be seeing it.


Although I took some photos of other flowers which I’m not all familiar with, I left the park disappointed. I’d probably have to wait few more months for the new iris to bloom and I wish I will see them next year.


Address: 916, Madeul-ro, Dobong-gu, Seoul

Operating Hours: Daily 7:00 to 20:00

Directions: Dobongsan Station (Seoul Subway Line 1 and 7) Exit 2. Walk for about a minute.

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