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Hello Kitty Cafe

30 Sept 2015 | Seoul, South Korea —

Of all cafes in Sinchon, my sister and I agreed to have our super late lunch, or should I say afternoon snack, at Hello Kitty cafe. Hello Kitty is a popular Japanese cartoon character from Sanrio since 1970s  and I pity the people who aren’t familiar with this fictional character.



The cafe is located not only in the youthful area of 신촌 (Sinchon), but also in the vibrant neighborhoods of Hongdae, Myeongdong and the island of Jeju. Some may confused 신촌 (Sinchon) and 신천 (Sincheon) which are very different and far from each other. Two excellent universities namely Ehwa Women’s and Yonsei are in Sinchon area while Sincheon is situated in Songpa district.

Stepping inside, white and shades of pink are the dominant colors of the cafe. They serve a wide array of hot and cold drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. They also have a small souvenir shop inside the cafe. Dolls, pillows, bags, luggage, tumblers, shirts, and anything cutesy Hello Kitty stuff are for sale.


We ordered a hot cup of latte, chili hotdog, ham and cheesy sandwich (croque monsieur) and iced lemonade with a total price of ₩19,000. According to my sister, the chili hotdog wasn’t spicy, rather sweet and the rest were okay. Nothing special, really.

Latte – ₩4,500
Chili Hotdog – ₩4,500
Croque Monsieur and Lemonade – ₩10,000

If one isn’t a Hello Kitty fan, one will think that the menu is too ordinary and pricey. Although, I like cats and I know Hello Kitty but I’ve never watched her show. So, going there was more like an experience than a must-try destination to us.

Note: This is based on our own honest opinion and personal experience only.



Address: Myeongmul-gil, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact Number: 02-312-6570


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