In response to the weekly photo challenge, here’s my version of the alphabet. I present to you – Hangeul (한글), the Korean alphabet, which was created by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty.


24 thoughts on “Alphabet

  1. I’ve been self-studying Hangeul for a month now. It’s such an interesting language and the history behind it is fascinating as well (hehe I watched Splash Splash Love which I know isn’t a factual account of how the language came about but still gives the gist). I already know the characters and can slowly read Korean words but I still don’t know the meaning of the words.

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    1. Oh wow. What made you study the language? I started how to read them as well. This time, I want to memorize as many words as possible because the more words you know, the easier it is to construct a sentence. 😉


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