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Of 14ths and Chocolate

How Koreans (and Japanese) celebrate Hearts Day aka Valentine’s Day is quite different from how the Philippines and many parts of the world do. In Korea, it’s the best day for the ladies to “confess their affection” through giving chocolates or small tokens to the guys they admire. The guys then, reciprocate that affection after a month, which they call White Day (March 14th). If it’s an unrequited or the men didn’t receive any gifts during Vday, single ladies and gents usually enjoy a bowl of Jajangmyeon (자장면; 짜장면 / Black Bean Noodles) or anything black on the 14th of April or Black Day.


Since Danny isn’t a big fan of chocolates, (thank goodness!) I got reasons to have ’em all. Nah, I’m slowly cutting down my sweet cravings but when I saw these goodies (grand Ferrero and Milka Oreo) few weeks before Vday, I was curious.

How To Eat A Grand Ferrero Rocher:

No huge hazelnut inside 😦

The Talk Of The Town:

Milka Oreo

So, he promised to buy them for me instead. And yes, we don’t celebrate 14ths like how Koreans do. *wink*

Here is the list of the monthly 14th celebration:

  • January 14th – Diary Day
  • February 14th – Valentine’s Day
  • March 14th – White Day
  • April 14th – Black Day
  • May 14th – Yellow Day/Rose Day
  • June 14th – Kiss Day
  • July 14th – Silver Day
  • August 14th – Green Day
  • September 14th – Photo Day/Music Day
  • October 14th – Wine Day
  • November 14th – Movie Day
  • December 14th – Hug Day


Happy White Day, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Of 14ths and Chocolate

  1. I didn’t know Valentine’s Day / Hearts Day was also celebrated in Japan! I always thought it was a western / American thing, I was mildly surprised to find out it was also celebrated in the Philippines. Cool!


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