Be A Sunflower

Seoul, South Korea—

A year and 3 months ago, I’ve blogged about the Eulalia Festival in Haneul Park. Last August, we chanced to visit the park again before sending off my aunt and uncle to the airport. We arrived almost around noon time and planned not to stay long because the weather was too hot to handle. There was not even a lot of visitors, probably less than 20 people if I’m not mistaken.


We rode the park’s electric car which charged us ₩4,000 each for a round trip. Going inside the park, it was filled with green and healthy eulalia grass. At the farther end to the right from the entrance, there was a small field of sunflowers.



Be outstanding in your field.

Hold your head high.

Spread seeds of happiness.

Feed the birds.

Keep on the sunny side.

Think big.

Bloom, blossom, grow!

-Credit to author


Despite the boiling temperature, we managed to look around the vast ground and snapped lots of photos. Relieved, the elders enjoyed the short time, too.


Address: 95 Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Direction: World Cup Stadium Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1. About 30-minute walking distance.

Operating Hours: (OPEN DAILY – Restricted during the hours below)
January 20:00, February 20:30, March 21:00, April 21:30, May 21:30, June 22:00, July 22:00, August 22:00, September 21:00, October 20:30, November 19:30, December 19:30

Entrance Fee: FREE

Website: (Korean only)

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