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It’s Easy Being Green

When you say green, aside from nature, another thing I can think of is — matcha! I can’t quite remember when I first joined in to this matcha craze. But I’m all for whatever matcha there is (not really! haha).

Matcha is the powdered form of green tea. Studies have shown that green tea has a higher percentage of caffeine than coffee. However, it has been known to give numerous health benefits such as (Source)

  • high in antioxidants
  • boosts memory
  • relaxes the mind and body
  • increases energy and and endurance levels
  • burns calories
  • detoxification

But I doubt that these matcha stuff that I’ll show you below has equal benefits to these claims. Here’s my image gallery for this week’s challenge — It’s easy being green.

[003948]  20121017140451 cake    IMG_0752  

Caffe Bene Green Tea Tower
  ????????????????????????????????????? P1040774  ?????????????????????????????????????

P1050023 IMG_6694 IMG_4240 ????????????????????????????????????? IMG_0330

Yellow Hauz
ice cream
Mongshell Green Tea Pie
Cherry Blossom Green Tea Frappe

So, those were some of the delectable matcha-flavored food and drinks that I could remember having and I’m still on my search. Do you have any suggestions where I could find some more heavenly matcha treats? 🙂

12 thoughts on “It’s Easy Being Green

  1. Oh now, I don’t think I can give you any suggestion about matcha, you have much more list than me. I only once tasted matcha kit kat. I love it. ❤


    1. Hi Miseol,
      yes, about 5 months. 😀 I’ve been everywhere but blogosphere. 😀 nice to be back again.
      Yes, that Matcha Kit Kat and once I had matcha cake in Kyoto. It was delicious. 🙂 the rest only ocha.


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