Sansuyu Village

Icheon, South Korea —

Danny and I have already been on countless road trips even way before we became friends. Just the idea of it excites us. However for the sake of practicality, we couldn’t go as far as Gurye in South Jeolla Province to enjoy the beauty of the Cornelian Cherry (산수유 / Sansuyu) since we can reach a nearby location which is in Icheon Baeksa Village. The festival is famous for its over 100-year-old native sansuyu trees that have grown in the village. We went few days prior to its actual festival date (April 7-9, 2017) to avoid the crowd.


The afternoon was warm and sunny. A good timing to take snapshots of the yellow trees with a lovely white and blue backdrop. Surely, the trip inspired me to practice my burning passion for photography and explore more on what spring has to offer.



Address: 17, Wonjeok-ro 775beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Direction [Bus] : From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal – located at Gangbyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), take an intercity bus to Icheon Terminal. Get on bus number 23-8 or 23-81 across the terminal. Get off at Dorip-ri Station. Walk straight about 60m and turn left at Dorimniyukgoejeong (도립리육괴정). Continue walking for 160m.

5 thoughts on “Sansuyu Village

  1. I’m thinking of vacationing in Korea next year and all the seat sales I’ve been seeing are for Incheon! 😆 Would you recommend Incheon over Jeju Island?


    1. Hi. I haven’t been to Jeju yet. If you like to visit Seoul, where there are lots of things to see and experience, I recommend you book for Incheon. Jeju is more on nature and sea. Hope I answered your query. 😊

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