Autumn Flowers in Korea

South Korea —

In autumn, the fall foliage is much more anticipated by most people. Probably because it gives one that cozy autumn feeling, you know those hues of yellow-orange-red that paints the streets or the smell of persimmon and apple peels or just the idea of having a slice of pumpkin pie and a cup of hot choco under the blankets while the fire going.

Few months ago, I started a couple of write ups about the spring and summer flowers in Korea and they became instant favorites. I decided again to write a separate blog for the autumn flowers. This post also serves as my reference to their Korean names, another way to learn the language.

The most popular flower that grows abundantly in autumn is the Cosmos (코스모스). Olympic Park and Guri Hangang Park are two of the several well-known places that hold Cosmos festivals. 

Here’s my list of flowers that you can enjoy if you visit during autumn season.

Buckwheat (메밀꽃) 

See Post: Memil Festival


Chrysanthemum (국화꽃)


Cockscomb (맨드라미)


Cosmos (코스모스)


Dahlia (달리아)


Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button (천일홍)


Kokia (코키아 or 꽃댑싸리)


Muhlenbergia or Pink Muhlygrass (핑크뮬리)


Red Spider Lily (꽃무릇)


Starwort (구절초)


Wand Flower (가우라)


That’s all for now! So, which one is your favorite fall flower? By the way, did I miss anything? I’d be glad to know. Please share your thoughts and autumn flowers in the comment section below. Thank you! 🙂


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