Of 14ths and Chocolate

How Koreans (and Japanese) celebrate Hearts Day aka Valentine's Day is quite different from how the Philippines and many parts of the world do. In Korea, it's the best day for the ladies to "confess their affection" through giving chocolates or small tokens to the guys they admire. The guys then, reciprocate that affection after … Continue reading Of 14ths and Chocolate

Pimple-Fighting Asian Products

Breakouts. A terrifying thing girls would never like to see... or hear. What more for women who already passed the puberty stage a decade ago?! Stress, poor hygiene, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance and lack of exercise are some of the many factors for having these blemishes ruining our beautiful faces. It is advisable to seek … Continue reading Pimple-Fighting Asian Products

Korean Tradition : Kimjang

14-15 Nov 2015 | South Korea — Today, I'm gonna share about my first kimchi making experience with my in-laws. Not just one head of baechu (배추 / napa cabbage) but amounting to a year supply. As we all know, kimchi is the most essential food in a Korean meal since many years ago. It's also … Continue reading Korean Tradition : Kimjang