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Once Upon a Time in Chinatown

Incheon, South Korea — From street food to Korean-Chinese cuisine, Incheon Chinatown is indeed a food haven for professional eaters like myself. Most restaurants hang vaunting tarpaulins outside their establishments advertising that they were featured in many Korean variety shows including Running Man. I remember quite well the Jajangmyeon (자장면 / Bean Sauce Noodle) race with… Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Chinatown

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Lotus Lantern Festival 2016

Namyangju, South Korea — May is filled with exciting holidays and festivals in Korea. To name some: Canola and Rose Festivals, Children's Day, Parents' Day, Rose Day and Teachers' Day. Out of those several special occasions, we were able to visit Bongseonsa Temple (봉선사) for a religious festival. It was a good timing that our… Continue reading Lotus Lantern Festival 2016


Korean Folk Village

Yongin, South Korea — Ever wonder what Korea and Koreans' typical lifestyle were like in the old days? Way before cellphones and internet were invented, they enjoyed the outdoors and established numerous customs and traditions. Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌) depicts how simple the life of Koreans was in the past. It is also the filming location of few… Continue reading Korean Folk Village

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Of 14ths and Chocolate

How Koreans (and Japanese) celebrate Hearts Day aka Valentine's Day is quite different from how the Philippines and many parts of the world do. In Korea, it's the best day for the ladies to "confess their affection" through giving chocolates or small tokens to the guys they admire. The guys then, reciprocate that affection after… Continue reading Of 14ths and Chocolate

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DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon

1 Aug 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — Bukchon Hanok Village, literally means northern traditional village, is situated between Jongmyo Shrine and two famous palaces namely Gyeongbuk and Changdeok. Most visitors and tourists merely take photos at this very spot of the famous traditional village but rarely grab the chance to experience handicraft-making programs and workshops.… Continue reading DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon