Keep Calm & Bake Macarons

12 Nov 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — The first time I had macarons was way back in February 2012. I tried them at a well-known, yet overrated dessert shop in Davao, right after Danny and I had dinner. They had bright yellow, orange and green colors, which are very unlikely used by other bakeries. Since … Continue reading Keep Calm & Bake Macarons

Yummy & Alor’s

21 May 2015 | Davao City, Philippines — Last Thursday night, Danny and I had dinner with our closest friends at the cutest restaurant I've ever been to in the metro — Yummy, situated beside Bistro Rosario in Torres street. I already adored the interior before stepping inside. Everything, from the walls to decors, is lovely … Continue reading Yummy & Alor’s

3 Local Dessert Spots in Cebu City

6-8 Apr 2015 In our 3-day trip to Cebu, we had a great time trying their local food and of course, desserts won't be missed. Today, I'm sharing our experiences with these 3 local dessert spots that probably are familiar to many Cebuanos. 1. Dessert Factory Sunny Cebu got Danny really thirsty when we reached … Continue reading 3 Local Dessert Spots in Cebu City

20 Treats Any Matchaholic Will Surely Love

I can't quite remember when I first joined in to this matcha craze. But I'm all for whatever matcha there is. Matcha is the powdered form of green tea. Studies have shown that green tea has a higher percentage of caffeine than coffee. However, it has been known to give numerous health benefits such as (Source) … Continue reading 20 Treats Any Matchaholic Will Surely Love

The 9 Best Dessert Shops in Davao City

They say, if you spell stressed backwards, it becomes desserts. Now it makes sense why people tend to indulge themselves over desserts when they get stressed. These are my recommended dessert shops in Davao in no particular order that nobody shouldn't miss. Note: These are based on my own honest opinion and personal experiences only. 1. … Continue reading The 9 Best Dessert Shops in Davao City