Brunch at Brunsweek

Busan, South Korea — I was craving for pancakes that first morning in Busan, and I told Danny that I can even settle for Mcdonald's. But since we were at Gwangalli Beach (광안리해수욕장), there were plenty of restaurants around. So, we walked by the seashore, from the hotel to the end of the beach, trying to … Continue reading Brunch at Brunsweek

Lunch at Gwangjang Market

Seoul, South Korea — Gwangjang market (광장시장) is known as the first traditional market in Korea and popular among locals and tourists. It offers Korean snacks and street food one could think of, such as soondae, tteokbokki, odeng, mandu, jokbal, etc. on its ground floor and various choices of fabrics and linens which are situated on the second floor. … Continue reading Lunch at Gwangjang Market

Chuncheon Dakgalbi

Chuncheon, South Korea — When we say or even think of durian in the Philippines, we always consider that smelly yet delicious fruit as my beautiful hometown Davao City's delicacy. Speaking of which, I was born and raised in this safest city in the Philippines and would never transfer to any other cities in my home country. In … Continue reading Chuncheon Dakgalbi

Provence Village

Paju, South Korea — This is the 3rd sequel of our Paju trip with my family. I could compile it in one post, but there will be tooooo many pictures. Loading might take forever! Unless, you are patient enough to wait for them. Anyway, right after roaming around Heyri Art Valley, we headed to Provence Village (프로방스 … Continue reading Provence Village