Keep Calm & Bake Macarons

12 Nov 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — The first time I had macarons was way back in February 2012. I tried them at a well-known, yet overrated dessert shop in Davao, right after Danny and I had dinner. They had bright yellow, orange and green colors, which are very unlikely used by other bakeries. Since … Continue reading Keep Calm & Bake Macarons

3 Local Dessert Spots in Cebu City

6-8 Apr 2015 In our 3-day trip to Cebu, we had a great time trying their local food and of course, desserts won't be missed. Today, I'm sharing our experiences with these 3 local dessert spots that probably are familiar to many Cebuanos. 1. Dessert Factory Sunny Cebu got Danny really thirsty when we reached … Continue reading 3 Local Dessert Spots in Cebu City