Wedding 101: Planning Our Wedding in Korea

27 June 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — This not-so familiar environment always surprises me. We happen to visit a bridal fair in downtown Seoul. For I know, a bridal fair back home showcases different packages, sample decors and dresses etc. and suppliers provide flyers for such discounted packages. When we arrived at the entry point … Continue reading Wedding 101: Planning Our Wedding in Korea

CFO : Seminar, Certificate & Sticker

April 2015 | Cebu and Manila, Philippines — T he first part of this post is about the CFO interview and seminar for Filipinos married to Korean citizens. Before Danny and I set foot in Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), I scheduled for the CFO seminar and interview also known as the guidance and counseling program (GCP) … Continue reading CFO : Seminar, Certificate & Sticker

Korean F6-1 Spouse Visa Requirements

Taguig City, Philippines — As of the 1st of April 2014, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines implemented the revised requirements of spouse visa. These are .hwp files taken from their website, and not all computers can view them. So, I posted these for you. I hope it'll be of great help. Before asking questions, PLEASE MAKE READING A HABIT!!! (MAGBASA BAGO … Continue reading Korean F6-1 Spouse Visa Requirements

Philippine Marriage License

Davao City, Philippines — The requirements of a Philippine marriage license actually vary on the age, citizenship and marriage history of the applicants. A pre-marriage seminar, family planning and/or parents’ consent are needed for ages 18-25, while a foreign spouse must secure a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage from their respective embassy. I highly suggest … Continue reading Philippine Marriage License

Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

Taguig City, Philippines — The Legal Capacity or Certificate of Singleness is one of the many requirements for foreigners before getting a marriage license in the Philippines. It can be obtained from the foreigner’s respective embassy. In Korean embassy, reservations aren't needed for the interview, the couple may go directly to the embassy once all … Continue reading Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

Korean Tourist Visa Requirements

Davao City, Philippines — How I got my Korean tourist visa last April 2014 was almost a nightmare. I was invited by Danny to visit Korea, meet his family and witness her sister’s wedding. So, we researched about how I can get a tourist visa. Then, we went to a travel agency to inquire on how to process … Continue reading Korean Tourist Visa Requirements