DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon

1 Aug 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — Bukchon Hanok Village, literally means northern traditional village, is situated between Jongmyo Shrine and two famous palaces namely Gyeongbuk and Changdeok. Most visitors and tourists merely take photos at this very spot of the famous traditional village but rarely grab the chance to experience handicraft-making programs and workshops. … Continue reading DIY Hand Mirror in Bukchon

Osulloc Tea House

30 Aug 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — One Saturday morning, my cousin-in-law arrived in Korea to attend a 5-day baking training starting on the following Monday. She informed me on the same day of her arrival because she thought my schedule was too hectic. Even though we didn't prepare any itinerary, it was also relieving … Continue reading Osulloc Tea House

Happy Pepero Day

South Korea — 해피 빼빼로 데이~ Aside from Valentine's day and White day, today marks another sweet occasion especially for high school students and couples. Today, Korea celebrates Pepero day. If one haven't heard about Pepero, it's a pretzel covered with chocolate, white or dark, almonds, melon or strawberry produced by Lotte. It can be compared to Japan's snack … Continue reading Happy Pepero Day

Missin’ The Lake Life

1 July 2015 | Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea  — One sunny Wednesday, we visited aunt-in-law who is residing at 충청남도 (Chungcheongnam-do) , also known as 충남 (Chungnam) that's situated west of Korea in the province of Hoseo region. A peaceful area full of farm crops by the road side and not so many tall buildings except for … Continue reading Missin’ The Lake Life

Wedding 101: Planning Our Wedding in Korea

27 June 2015 | Seoul, South Korea — This not-so familiar environment always surprises me. We happen to visit a bridal fair in downtown Seoul. For I know, a bridal fair back home showcases different packages, sample decors and dresses etc. and suppliers provide flyers for such discounted packages. When we arrived at the entry point … Continue reading Wedding 101: Planning Our Wedding in Korea

Bugak Skyway Pavilion

Seoul, South Korea — Bugaksan, the highest among the mountains encompassing the country's capital city, is situated in the north part. It was late Sunday afternoon when we visited 북악스카이 팔각정 (Bugak Skyway Pavilion) . So, it was quite crowded and the sun was still up. We wanted to see the city night lights thus, … Continue reading Bugak Skyway Pavilion